Friday, November 04, 2005

11/4 Mohonk at last!

I only slept two hours last night, but I don't even care. I'm having such a wonderful time. A stretch limo picked me up at the airport. My friend, Suzanne, was late--her plane was rather. So I went in the stretch by myself. I did take a picture with my new phone and mailed it to my family. When I figure out how to get it here, I'll do so.

Glo gave me a tour of Mohonk and it's even more gorgeous than anticipated. I walked for a while, waiting for Suzanne to arrive and the sights around here mesmerized me. Time passed very quickly.

We all met for dinner at 6:30. Suz and I had a drink first. Oh, and our room is huge and is a tower room. It's like a castle turret. Way cool.

I met one of my word heroes--John Williams, the Executive Director of the National Scrabble Association. He's a really nice guy as well. And I LOVE his wife, Jane. She's adorable.

After dinner, Dan Greenberg gave a presentation. He's written 66 books--isn't that amazing? He's like George Plimpton--only he does extremely dangerous things. An interesting, and funny, presentation.

Then we all played Scrabble Scramble. We had teams of seven. Suzanne was on my team--as was David Feldman, another good friend. And John and Jane Williams. No wonder we won. :) We all won the game Quickwords, which looks like one my family will like.

Then one person in each group had a paper taped to the bottom of their chair--it was me, and I won a puzzle.

Suz and I are going to our tower now to work on the puzzle packet. It needs to be done by tomorrow evening.

The plan is to wake up early and go to the fitness center at 7, breakfast at 8:30, go to town and buy shoes at 9:30 and first speaker is at 10. It's John Williams and I'm looking forward to hearing him.

My presentation isn't until Sunday morning, so I can play for a while.

Oh--why do I have to buy shoes? At dinnertime you can't wear jeans or athletic shoes, and men must wear a sport coat or suit coat. My dress shoes are sitting on my bed, waiting to be packed. Duh!

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