Saturday, November 26, 2005

11/22 New teammates

Up at five-thirty. Spoke to Marian and Bill while waiting for Marcia and Tracy. No time for breakfast as we arrived at Flagler just in time for the 8 AM meeting.

Instead of riding with Bill and Marian I was assigned to work with Bill M, a probation officer from Minnesota originally from Fargo. A nice guy-- laid back and funny. He's always teasing about his accent.

We teamed up with Wendy and Reg... originally from England but living near Seattle. He retired from Boeing. They only wrote one 901 all day (which resulted in a family getting a CAC). But it was still a very worthwhile day and I spoke to lots of families with children.

Had a beer and cheese quesadilla at the pool bar and visited with Marian, Bill, Bill M, Tracy, and others. It seems like we are there a lot, but we're pretty isolated, or if not that, we are too tired to go anywhere.

As usual, an early night.

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