Saturday, November 19, 2005

11/13 continued

Please ignore the typos. I'm paying for internet access by the minute. Hope Suzanne doesn't post this too. I sent it a few days ago.

Two other newbies were assigned iwth me. Tracy, Marcia and I went out for lunch to an Olive Garden and then reported to our site.

Today was basically just orientation to the job. At Miami-Dade outreach, we DMHS (Disaster Mental Health Services) will go out with the outreach teams. They will see people who may need immediate help, and I'll do "evaluations by schmoozing." Marcia, Tracy and I are the new MHS folks at Outreach.

Went to dinner with John. His wife Kathy got sent to Key West and so did my other pals, Dave, Carlotta, and Christine. I've heard they have to live in very rough conditions down there. Still--rough in Key West beats easy in many other cities. :)

Home to the shelter by 9. Showered, moved my bed to a quieter area, and slept like a baby.

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