Saturday, November 19, 2005

11/14 Finally to work

Met Marcia and Tracy at 7:30 and drank a cup of coffee on the way to the office, just a few blocks away. Had an 8 AM all staff meeting for Miami-Dade resource center. I was assigned to Team 6. There were six of us deployed to certain neighborhoods, and I was their MH support.

We had a hard time finding the place and didn't start working until 11 AM. Everyone hates when that happens.

In the short day today, I discovered that I have an affinity for this work. I'm not surprised, because this is what I trained for. The children especially tug at my heartstrings. They are so grateful for the little toys I bring. The MHS bring a stuffed animal for little ones, and a coloring book and crayons for the older ones. The coloring book is called After the Storm and is available in English and Spanish. It's an excellent way to talk to kids about their fears and to see if they are developing signs of stress. I certainly don't diagnose people out here, but evaluation comes easy with kids. They are pretty open to speak to a "grandma" type lady with toys and candy. :)

Rob is 34 today. I sure miss my own kids when I see other families in dire straights. I asked Jill to make sure and call Rob with my love.

Back to the shelter and much needed sleep.

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