Thursday, December 01, 2005

12/1 Where has time gone?

I mean it! It goes by so quickly. I made travel arrangements to go to LA in mid-January for a late Christmas with Jill, Todd, and the kids. Usually I go in early December, but that won't work this year.

Rob and Beata are supposed to move back to the states January 10, but they are trying to get an extension until February. I'm keeping their Christmas presents until I see them in person this year.

Friday night I have a stand-up performance at Corner Pocket bar in South Milwaukee. I'm still in my reflective mood, but think I can snap out of it. In fact I know I can. Being on stage will completely change my mood. I'm looking forward to it, but need to rehearse some new material. Guess I'll have to do that during commercials on Survivor and Apprentice. :)

ComedySportz didn't schedule me this weekend, so I have Saturday at home. I'm glad because there's so much stuff I need to do--but I'll probably laze around all day.

Sunday is the Brawl at CSz. I'll play in that and it should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Rob is moving home?????Is this news we missed? Are they still coming for Christmas? Are you? This is BIG NEWs to me.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

I told Beata that the family doesn't normally read my blog and that she better write the family. If you read back a ways, Rob commented too.

They can't make it for Christmas now because they have orders to move back January 10. But the bigger news is that now the army isn't medically retiring him. They're keeping him and sending him to NC to teach in the Special Forces school.

But I'll still be in Quincy for Christmas and am saving their presents for when they get here.

Sorry they didn't tell you yet.