Saturday, December 31, 2005

12/31 Other things

Jim and Karen definitely aren't going to Quincy for New Year's. They're having a NY Eve party and birthday party for an uncle, so it's quite understandable. I'm invited to it. May get a wild hair and go, but I'm probably going to stay home.

I have a huge list of stuff I have to do over the weekend.

1. Begin the next level of Pimsleur Spanish. (This isn't a chore; instead it's quite exciting for me. If I hadn't have bought this, though, I could have gone home on the train. Ironic. Plus Rob/Beata are giving me Rosetta Stone for Christmas when they arrive in March, so I'm thrilled about that too.)
2. I have tons of photos to add to my websites--from last summer's Avon Breast Cancer Walk, my class reunion, working with the Red Cross in Florida, plus others.
3. Need to clean out my closet and get the clothes to Goodwill before 1/1.
4. Must complete receipts for my flex spending account and send them in.
5. Clean out my desk so I know what's in there.
6. Watch romantic comedies and musicals while I'm doing all the above.
7. Wrap presents for Jill's family and Rob/Beata. I'm having Christmas in Los Angeles in a few weeks, and will have Christmas with Rob and Beata when they come home from Japan in March. Lots to look forward to.
8. Work on my stand-up routine for our show in January at Giggles Comedy Club.

Guess that's enough. If I accomplish half of the above, I'll feel good. Oh, and tonight I'll eat too much while I watch movies. In the years when I stay home for New Year's Eve, that's a tradition.

Need to add some new info: I went to ComedySportz to pick up my paycheck, and Dick asked me if I could work tonight. So I'm going to do tickets for both shows on New Year's Eve. It should be fun, and I'm looking forward to it.

Update on Pimsleur Spanish too: I wasn't here to sign for the package so I have to wait until Tuesday because of the holiday. That kind of makes me mad. I'll call today and have it delivered to work instead of home. Someone will always be there to sign for it.

Now I'm going to treat myself and go out for a late breakfast.

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