Sunday, December 04, 2005

12/4 First annual BRAWL!

What a fun day! It was the first annual BRAWL at ComedySportz. Anyone from Rec League or High School League or anyone enrolled in workshops was eligible to participate. They drew names out of a hat to determine teams. So most of us were playing with people we didn't know or barely knew.

I was with Honni (a young man who works at CSz as Host and Ballet Parker, so we've worked together a lot), Al (who I just met today), Kesan (a high school leaguer who I'd met once before). And we ended up winning the championship. It was really cool how I got to participate. We won our first match, and in the second round (winners playing winners) they re-drew names. My original team ended up all being together except for me. My new team was fun and we tried hard but we lost our match. My old team won theirs. When it came time for my old team to play in the championship round, the three guys were playing against a four-person team. So they asked the ref if I could re-join them to even up the teams, and since I was an original member. The ref said yes, so I got to play.

It was a really close match, I think. And tons of fun. We won! We each received a ComedySportz Howie watch, and we'll have our names engraved on a plaque that will be in the lobby.

This was a great idea (it was Michele's), and everyone said they had a ball. Even people who lost their matches still really enjoyed it.

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