Monday, December 12, 2005

12/12 My Beatka

My d-i-l Beata (Beatka is an endearment meaning "little Beata") sent me a story she'd written. First of all English is the fourth language in which she is fluent, so her way of expressing herself is delightfully unique. She knows the language very well, but sometimes says things in a way that makes me light up with smiles as I see her penning each word.

The story itself is tragic, yet made beautiful by the courage exhibited by the protagonist, Klara. I can't wait until this beautiful piece is edited and sent out for publication. I'd publish it in a nanosecond if it fit into the journals I edit and publish.

It's beautiful and it's haunting--made even more so by the fact that it's based on a true story and the heroine is still alive.

In the next year or so, if you see a short story or memoir called Carnations, do yourself a favor and read it.

Beatka's a gem and so is the story.


Anonymous said...

Mom, I think you just gave Beatka her first review. I felt the same way when I read it even though I already knew the story. It truly is tragic and beautiful at the same time. The book she's writing is going to be much more of the same--stirring and true. Her stories are wonderful and sad, funny and disturbing. It can be taxing to read as her husband because I know each story was lived, but once you start you can't stop. I'm so proud.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks, Rob. I've been thinking a lot about the story. There's going to definitely be a market. When it's ready, I'll help you guys find the right spot for it.

Love you.