Wednesday, December 21, 2005

12/21 As I explode into fresh fatness...

The only downside to the holidays is the proliferation of foods on everyone's "no-no" list. I just ate a huge slice of carrot cake the owner brought in. Omigod--a few minutes of heaven followed by unrelenting guilt. (Hmmm--reminds me of something else.)

Last night was fun. Despite my non-contagious ear/sinus thing, I went to Maria's house with the other comics who performed in the stand-up show at Corner Pocket earlier in the month. Although it's weird watching yourself perform, I loved it. There were six of us, seven counting the MC, and I think I was one of the most relaxed people on stage. My timing was good. I waited for the laughs to die down before I went on to the next joke. I didn't pace or move unnecessarily. When I forgot a new piece I'd just written I made a joke out of it. It felt good. And we all gave feedback, I got some good ideas--especially from Tom. He knows how to cut out those extraneous words to make the routine nice and tight.

The other comics were good too. Out of the five of us there, only one struggled a little with obvious nerves, but still had some good stuff. We're going to perform at a comedy club in Mequon sometime in January.

On another note, I'm not able to go to Roger's memorial service tonight. Besides feeling like crap, I'm leaving tomorrow for Quincy and have to do my laundry and pack tonight.


anne frasier said...

damn, jer. i was without internet for a few days; i come back and find you're still sick. :(
get well!!!

oh, and i love the title of this blog. :D

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Good to see you back here. Yeah, I'm still carrying the plague. But I'm a little better this afternoon. That's a treat!