Tuesday, December 13, 2005

12/13 Two more birthdays today--and more

Today is my sister-in-law Cindy's birthday and also my niece Sarah's. As much as I love Cindy, I want to talk about Sarah a bit. She and I have always been really close, sometimes I'm more like a Grandma than an aunt. She and her brother Jordan call me Aunt Cheesehead; what a wonderful term of endearment. :)

Sarah is 14 today. I told her on the phone that I wanted to murder her mom when she was 14. Jane (my sis who is 7 years younger than I am) was obnoxious at that age. I lived away part of the time she began teendom, but moved back on her 14th birthday. So I warned Sarah to be careful or someone in the family would do her in if she behaved like Jane.

Of course Sarah is totally rotten in front of her mom and dad, but when she and I are alone she's a saint. That's a truism that all parents hate.

Jane and Pete adopted Sarah when she was three days old. There's a video of Jane and Pete picking up Sar at the hospital and Jane couldn't stop sobbing. I cry just thinking about it, having been through similar situations in my own life. It's amazing seeing Jane so happy that her emotions were gushing all over the place. Not only amazing but beautiful. She couldn't believe their good fortune.

This baby was perfect. As an infant, I could always make her laugh. We called her Buddha Baby because she had the most beautiful baby fat. As she grew she became involved in dance, gymnastics, piano, softball, and soccer. At 14 she still is involved in piano and soccer. She's a great defender in soccer and it's a joy to hear her play the piano. She loves to sing and act.

When I go to Quincy for Christmas, I always stay at Jane and Pete's. We all celebrate Christmas Eve together (about 30-40 of us), but I get to wake up and have Christmas with Jordan and Sarah. It's such a treat for me, since I'm not with my own kids. (Normally I have an early Christmas in LA with Jill and her family, and once even had an early Christmas in Japan with Rob and Beata.)

Anyway, it's been a joy to watch Sarah grow--from that gorgeous three-day-old infant to the gorgeous 14-year-old teenager who will surely test all of us this year. I love you, Sarah Barah! :)


Anonymous said...

I made the Blog...I made the Blog...I can't believe I made the Blog...and line ONE too. Jer, you were right to tell of Sarah's Birthday, because she was truly the BEST birthday gift I have ever been given, and I truly do not believe there could be a greater one to come---except maybe a grandbaby.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

I could have said a lot of great things about you too, Cindy. Maybe I will later. :) But yep, Sarah was a great gift to all of us--but especially cool on your birthday. Hope your birthday was great this year too. (I mailed your card yesterday, and remailed Joe's.) Love ya.