Saturday, December 10, 2005

12/10 Talked to Rob twice

A good day. I'm doing laundry and organizing my Christmas presents. There are tons of them.

Yesterday morning I called Rob and it was about 11:30 PM Friday their time. Beatka had just gone to bed but Rob said she was throwing me kisses. :)

And this morning Rob called me. We talked for an hour. But it was 3:50 AM their time when we quit talking. I hope he can sleep in on Sunday morning.

It was great. Both my kids are such awesome adults. Of course I can't take any credit in that, but they are a delight to me. I'm a lucky bug x infinity plus one.

Jan and Tim called me this morning too--right before Rob. I've complained recently that no one ever calls me except Jill and Beata. So today was a banner day.

I work tonight at CSz and won't be home until late. We're supposed to get more snow tonight, so my 20 minute drive will be much longer, but I don't care. I love snow. And I love having a four-wheel drive. (I've probably said that before.)

Wish I could be with my family tonight though. Most of them will be together at Joe and Cindy's and I know they'll have a ball.

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