Saturday, December 03, 2005

12/3 Wonderfully lazy day!

Last night's performance went really well at Corner Pocket. Out of the six graduates of the Advanced Class, I went second to last so that felt very good. Everyone did really well, although some appeared more nervous than others.

I forgot about 1 minute of my routine. It was new stuff I'd written and it just disappeared from my consciousness. Too bad, but no real loss except I thought it was funny stuff. I'll remember it next time when we perform at Giggles Comedy Club in January. Looking forward to it.

Today I just stayed in all day and vegged. Caught up with TV that I'd recorded while I was gone. Got some fun email from people I served with in Florida so that was cool too. I was dozing in my chair this afternoon when the phone rang. It was my grand-daughter Kayla, surprising me. What a treat! She'd lost her first baby tooth at age five. And she had another one going to be out at any time. Quite an exciting time for her.

Tomorrow I need to get off my butt and do laundry and other fun stuff. Plus will go to ComedySportz and play in the Brawl. That will be fun.

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