Saturday, December 17, 2005

12/17 Saturday at home

Had a great chat online with Jill and Kayla this morning. I absolutely love webcams. I can see my kids and grandkids. Amazing. I'm grateful that I'm a technology geek (kind of--I'm not brilliant about it, but understand "stuff" and love new gadgets, etc.). My life is so blessed.

Speaking of life--I found out this morning that Roger had died at CSz last night. He's been the sound effects guy since 1984 and was in the original troupe. So sad. He was only 55 and suffered a heart attack about an hour before the show.

What a talented guy. He could do three and four sounds at the same time. Amazing. We'll sure miss him.

Last night I went to the Red Cross Holiday Party. Almost didn't go because I'm still sick. But I'm so happy I went. First of all, my friend Tony was there. He does PR and writing for the Medical College, and was a volunteer at the shelter set up in Milwaukee for hurricane victims. We've been friends for several years. We met through our writing, but the fact that we have similar jobs and both feel a call to volunteerism, kind of cemented our friendship. It was good to have someone there that I knew and could hang out with.

I was introduced to a guy name Paul last night who coordinates the mental health people for the Red Cross. I'm joining their committee. They were meeting this morning at 9. I got an invitation but said I didn't know if I'd go, it would depend on how I feel.

And my ear kind of feels worse today. I'm thinking that means it's getting better. Hey--it could mean that!

Anyway, there's a second group kind of loosely affiliated with the mental health group. And the second one assists in debriefing first responders. I would love to be able to help in both respects. I'm definitely going to join up. It will mean carrying a beeper every now and then, but Paul said we don't get many calls, so that's cool.

Those are the two reasons I'm glad I went last night. But here's the weird thing--as I was leaving the Botanical Gardens I thought I should drop by CSz, see people, and pick up my check. And stay for the show. I looked at my watch and thought--oh, it's too early to go for the show, so I went directly home. It was 6:30. According to Dick's email, that's about the time Roger died.

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