Wednesday, December 14, 2005

12/14 Stuff

My team got its fourth member for the Rec League (CSz). Brainstorm now consists of me, Christopher, Stacy, and Curtis. This season's competition starts on January 22. I've really missed performing on Sundays. This, plus a performance sometime in January at Giggles Comedy Club, will keep my ham instincts satisfied. (Is it okay for a vegetarian to say "ham"?)

Am going to the doctor this afternoon. I believe I have a sinus infection; seem to get one a few times a year lately. No colds, no flu, just this stupid, stupid thing. I thought we could handle it over the phone, because the symptoms are the same as several months ago, but she wants to see me.

My house is a complete wreck. Usually it's just my bedroom and I keep the other rooms cleaned up. But with wrapping presents for 40+ people, the living room is strewn with paper, ribbon, tags, bags, tissue, boxes, and various other stuff I don't know the name for. So I need to call my housecleaner and tell her not to come this weekend. There would be no room for her to stand, much less clean.

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