Thursday, December 15, 2005

12/15 Fun News/Bad News

The bad news is that I'm home with a sinus infection. I feel crappy, but can't rest much because I have so much work to do. My bed is now full of papers and files. At this moment I'm working on two hardcopy publications and two online newsletters. For some reason the deadlines are near the same time. I'm running a bit late because of my volunteering with Hurricane Wilma.

(Speaking of that--the doc said lots of people who volunteered, and also people who live in the Gulf and Florida's east coast, are getting an odd kind of pneumonia from the mold. She said my lungs are clear though, so I'm grateful for that.)

The fun news is that I just noticed my name is on the front page of the Milwaukee CSz website, because of my team winning the Brawl a few weeks ago. It won't be up for long I'm sure, but it's kind of cool.


anne frasier said...

jer, sorry about the sinus infection, but congratulations on winning the brawl!! woo-hoo!!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks, anne. I took it easy today and will go to work tomorrow (just because I have to). Got some work done at home, but so much more to do.

I don't work at CSz this weekend, so I'll be able to be lazy.