Monday, October 10, 2005

10/10 I'm fat and happy

Eating so much here. Ugggh. But other than that I'm happy.

I'm so totally enjoying myself here in Bozarth-land. We had 20 last night at dinner (at Gem City Pizza and Mexican) and that wasn't half of us. Today we played in the park, lunched with other family members, enjoyed two babies--one 15 days old and one 11 days old--Aidan and Tyler. What a great day.

Tonight we were at Jan and Tim's home. Kayla drove the tractor with Uncle Tim and had the time of her life. We're going back there Friday evening for a hayride and we're all excited. The entire family is invited. We'll see how many can make it. Tonight they cooked brats and we drank beer. Of course I had a veggie burger. Then out came the wine and the appletinis for those not driving. I had one beer early on and that was that. But I still had my share of laughing. The little ones were hilarious. We sang lots of kid songs and Hunter got stuck on the word Paddywhack. He kept calling my sister Jane, Aunt Paddywhack Jane. Then would burst into the most beautiful laughter.

I'm loving this.

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