Sunday, October 09, 2005

10/9 Tired but grinning

It's not even 8 PM and I'm ready for bed. :) Got up much too early after not enough sleep. But it's well worth it. I'm at my sister and b-i-l's house. We just returned from Gem City Pizza and Mexican. There were 20 of us there and that's not even 1/2 the family. What fun! It took Kayla and Hunter a few minutes of pretending to be shy and then they went to everyone--hugging and kissing. Hunter found that his cousins Blake and Riley are just the right size. And when he sees Noah that will be a fourth in the "gang." Kayla just loves having so many cousins too. And of course Jill was in hog heaven, eating her favorite nachos and seeing a lot of her family.

After meeting them at the St. Louis airport, Jane and Jordan drove us to Quincy. The trip was peaceful and wonderful--UNTIL--right before arriving in Quincy Kayla and Hunter both fell asleep and when we stopped they woke up. No problem with K but H went ballistic, a nuclear meltdown. He cried until he vomited. Everywhere. So we dropped Jill and H at Jane's house so he could get cleaned up. By the time they joined the rest of us at Gem City, he was not only clean, he was his usual jovial self. Whew!

It was a wonderful and delicious time. Now the kids are winding down--both Jordan and Sarah have school tomorrow. But Jill, Jane and I are ON VACATION!!! Yeah.

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