Monday, October 24, 2005

10/24 Decision time

I think I have too many commitments and need out of one. The items under consideration:

Working at ComedySportz part-time
Stand-up comedy class
ComedySportz Recreation League
NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) in November

With the two-week trip with the American Red Cross coming up in November, and the nuttiness of my family time during the holidays, I have to give up something. And my novel-writing has really taken a nose dive because of being so damn tired. When I get home I just plop into a chair and veg! No energy at home for writing. And I miss it a lot.

Working p-t at CSz--I don't want to give that up because it's extra spending money, but more importantly it's fun and has benefits (getting into all shows for free, discounts on certain classes, etc.).

Stand-up comedy class--don't want to give that up because it's fun and informative, and I love performing (and get good response from the audience).

CSz Rec League--I love performing every week at CSz. Nice bunch of people. It's fun and a good way to socialize.

NANOWRIMO--it's a super way to jump start a novel, but I've got one manuscript finished and two more that need to be finished. Do I need to start another?

Probably out of everything I could give up NANOWRIMO and stand-up class easier than the others. I have to think some more.

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