Friday, October 28, 2005

10/28 Panic and such

I just realized that November 1 is Tuesday. That's the day NANOWRIMO starts. I don't even have an idea for a new manuscript, much less carved out time to begin writing. Panic ensues internally.

One thing was decided. I'm putting my laptop in a backpack and taking it everywhere with me. You never know when you'll be able to take a few stolen minutes to write. (God, it almost sounds like an affair.) I'll type over lunch at my regular job, when it's a bit slow at ComedySportz, on airplanes, and at home (while reality shows blare away on the TV). And I always have my handy-dandy notebook in my purse so I can jot down notes. My laptop is big and heavy and I find I have laptop envy when I see these lightweights that still have plenty of power. All I really use it for is writing--and email when I'm in a hotel.

Okay, my panic has subsided. Now on to the "such."

Best news ever!!!! Aiden was given a clean bill of health today. What a blessing.

And today at work is just plain fun. We're having a costume contest, which I entered with no expectation of winning. (I just got a magistrate's wig and judge's robe from CSz. It looked cool, but very easy.) Lots of people put great effort in their costumes and it really paid off. We'll find out later today who won in three different categories. And our chili cook-off is still running. From 11-2 there are crockpots of wondrous smells in the conference room across from my office. And this year there were two vegetarian entries. Usually I'm the only one in that category. :) So this year I got to eat two kinds instead of just my own. There are around 15-20, I can't remember the number. People circle the table and put a bit from one crockpot, eat that, and move on to the next one. It's actually quite fun.

Tonight I work at CSz, tomorrow night too. Tomorrow night will be their Halloween celebration. I know it will be fun--I worked it last year.


anne frasier said...

jer, a lot of writers who are really on the go swear by alpha smarts. i know several people who have them and really like them.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks, anne, but I can't have another piece of electronics. :) Right now I have the laptop, cell phone and pda. I'm going to combine the phone and pda when I get my new wireless phone in a few weeks. It will also allow me to get all my email without a laptop. Hooray.

I've never heard of alpha smarts though, so I'll have to look it up. Jer

anne frasier said...

jer, writers use the alpha instead of the laptop. it weighs almost nothing, runs on two double a batteries that last about a year. you write on it, then dump to your laptop/computer later. it's also very sturdy, and can handle being dropped. but you wouldn't be able to get on the internet if you traveled with it rather than the laptop. there is also no booting up, so some people keep it by their bed and put ideas into it in the middle of the night.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Sounds cool. But if it doesn't get me on the internet and/or get email, then I'm not interested. And as I said, having to carry one more thing around with me would not be a good idea. My purse weighs a ton as it is, and the laptop isn't even in it. :) But thanks for the thought.

I'll still look it up and check out the price, etc. Jer