Friday, October 21, 2005

10/21 Going to the Gulf?

I'm like the little boy who cried wolf, but I think it's really going to happen this time. The American Red Cross called last night and want me to go to the Gulf as a Public Affairs person. A friend (JoePRGuy) in Las Vegas turned me on to the opportunity. And I applied.

They emailed a lot of forms and I've completed almost all of them. The only one left is the Health one, and it will take a while. I'll get it done today. Everything else is sent in already.

Then today a deployment officer called me and we set a date. I said that I had a commitment the weekend of November 4th that I couldn't/didn't want to get out of (the presentation at Mohonk in New York). I also said that I'd love to volunteer over Thanksgiving--first of all, I have no plans for that holiday, and secondly we're not quite as busy here over holidays. So it looks like I'll leave November 14 for two weeks.

I took an introductory course online last night. And instead of taking the Public Affairs course, because of time constraints I'll get trained in the field. I'm also gathering other PR trainings I have from my job at CPI.

I'm very excited--except for the part where I'm taking off two weeks without pay. :) I am grateful that my company is giving me the time, that's something they don't have to do.

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