Friday, October 14, 2005

10/14 Only one more day left

Kayla is sad. I reminded her that we leave tomorrow. She said she wants to live here. Me too. Sigh.

Yesterday Jane, Pete, Jill and Jessi went to the Ritz so Jill could have catfish done just the way she likes it. I took Kayla and Hunter to the Veterans' Home to the deer park. We saw tons of deer and other animals. Their favorite were the llamas. Their least favorite? Buffalo, "because they're stinky." We stopped at a playground on the way home. It had a climbing wall. The kids are little monkeys and were all over that thing. I took a bunch of pictures. My ex-h is a climber and builds ropes courses. So I'll send a pic to him so he knows it's time to take the kids climbing--or at least bouldering.

Last night we didn't have plans, but Jane invited Jan, Tim and Jessi for dinner. Pete made meat loaf and we had mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, and crescent rolls. Talk about your comfort food. :) Everyone enjoyed it. After folks left and the kids went to bed, Jane and I watched Survivor and ER.

Tonight we're going to Jan and Tim's for a hayride and weiner roast. Kayla's very excited because "we all get to cook our own food." This will be a first for the five-year-old. And of course we're making s'mores. Jan and Tim's place is perfect for a total family get-together. There are more than 40 of us and the only ones not going to be able to make it are the ones who live out of town--Rob, Beata, Craig, Megan, Suzie--and the ones who have to work--Jay (and his family). So we should have more than 30 of us there, which absolutely thrills me. We're leaving tomorrow and I know I'll miss the madness here.

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