Wednesday, October 12, 2005

10/12 More fun and family

Yesterday was simply great. I get up at 6 AM here because I sleep on the fold-out couch and Jane's kids get up at 6 for school. So I'm always awake early.

Jill slept in and I played with the kids in the morning. At noon we went to McDonald's, only because Jane had promised the kids they could go on the playground there. Then we went to the mall and got presents for Noah's birthday party. Hunter had a meltdown in a toy store--usually he only does that when he's very tired. But he recuperated quickly.

Bonkers was really really really really really really fun. It's so much better than Chuck E. Cheese. In fact, Kayla asked if she could go there on her birthday. A bit of a commute, but I'd love it.

Imagine the nice little climbing apparatus that you notice at McDonald's as you drive by. Well, multiply that by 20. Only it's not made of plastic, it's all netting and straps. You can see the kids at all times--that is if you can follow them as they scamper about. Adults are allowed to play with their kids too. So I went in. Omigod it was a riot. I'm all stiff today because many times you have to crawl on your belly or your knees because of little tunnels that exist. But it's worth it. Noah had a wonderful birthday. Kayla and Hunter had such fun. And we adults got to hold Aidan and Tyler. An all-around good day.

When we got back to Jane and Pete's it was already after 8--K and H's normal bedtime. They stayed awake until 9:30 so I expected them to sleep late today. Hunter is still sawing zzzz's, but Kayla woke up with cousin Sarah's alarm. Sarah said, "Go in on the couch with Grandma." Instead of coming to me, K went into the couch in the family room (I'm in the living room). She saw Uncle Pete asleep in the recliner and she climbed on him. I just took a picture of it. It is adorable.

Tonight we're going to my brother and s-i-l's house (John and Paulette). The best pizza place in town has two for one on Wednesdays. So Jane is buying, but we're eating at J and P's so the kids can make more noise than in the restaurant. (Okay, so I can make more noise too.)

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