Thursday, October 13, 2005

10/13 Night adventures

My nephew (and godson) Jordan is 16 and is sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of the living room, where I'm sleeping on the hide-a-bed. During the night he passed gas of such ferocious intensity and duration that it not only woke me up, it scared me. I screamed. In a moment I noticed a flashlight coming down the hallway. My brother-in-law was investigating the scream. I started laughing and explained to Pete that he could go back to bed, all was well. It was merely a case of gas. :)

Before bedtime, five-year-old Kayla was brushing her teeth and I heard her raised voice. I checked, and Jordan was standing in the hallway outside the bathroom and K was berating him. Don't know what went on before, but what I heard was, "And that sink was disgusting. I'm not going to clean it out for you anymore." Omigod, it was hilarious. A five-year-old telling off a sixteen-year-old. She was very serious too. Jordan was so nonplussed that he turned and walked away, kind of giggling under his breath. I've never heard him at a loss for words before. How I wish that moment was recorded for posterity. At least it's here, so I won't forget about it immediately.

Last night we went to John and Paulette's house and the kids had a ball playing outside with their cousins. Today is going to be a quiet day (we hope) and we'll eat here tonight at Jane and Pete's. But before that, Jill needs to go to the Ritz for catfish. That's the last of her hometown food requests.

I believe I'll work on my "work work" stuff today. So much to do and it's hard going back to the office with nothing done. That overwhelmed feeling is not one I cherish.

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