Thursday, October 20, 2005

10/20 Great News!

In my niece Kelly's words:

Great news!! We are coming home this afternoon!! The GI team came and talked to us today. They said that usually the enterocolitis that Aiden has is associated with the Hirschsprung Disease but since the biopsy shows he doesn't have it, they aren't sure how he got that. They said it's rare to see it in babies that are full term and breastfed. They are guessing that the infection in his intestine caused the inflammation which then caused the waste to build up and start the blockage. Usually the antibiotics take care of it. He started the meds two nights ago so we will bring the rest of the antibiotics home with us to finish up and then we have to come back down next friday for a checkup. I'm guessing they will do more xrays to make sure the inflammation has all gone down. So our next hurdle is to hope and pray the antibiotics clear all this up so Aiden will be back to normal. The Dr. said there is a reasonable chance of this happening. If not, then we will have to go from there to decide what the next course of action is. Of course they told us too what signs to look for in case he would get worse so I know Todd and I will be watching him like a hawk for quite awhile. From what I've read enterocolitis can be life threatening if left untreated b/c the infection can get quite nasty and there's a chance of the intestine rupturing. Luckily we caught it early enough and are treating it early enough that Aiden didn't get too sick from it. All the drs. have told me over and over how great it was that I was breastfeeding him b/c he would have been a lot worse off if I hadn't been. Another great thing about mommy milk!! So a lot of our worries are over for now but I won't rest easy until he is completely healthy again. I feel a little guilty leaving here today knowing there are so many sweet children here with conditions far worse than Aiden's is or even could have been. We are so blessed and lucky to have the three wonderful boys we have and I will do my best never to take that for granted ever again. Thanks for all the prayers, emails and phone calls. It's heartwarming to know our family and friends care so much about us. Hope to see you all soon!! Drew and ready for lots of lovin'!

Love, Kelly, Todd and Aiden

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