Saturday, October 08, 2005

10/8 Packing for Quincy

Whew! I'm tired. Worked at CSz Thursday, Friday and Saturday...but just had to do the matinee today. I'm glad because I have so much work to do to prepare to leave tomorrow. Had a nice crowd at CSz this afternoon, bunches of kids' birthday parties and a big group of ladies from The Red Hat Society (they wear purple clothes and big red hats). They sure had a good time too.

Some of my friends were moved up to the pros and had their debut performance this weekend. I'm so proud of them. Funny, funny people.

I had my own private miracle. My dryer works again. This morning I was tumbling some clothes, just to get the wrinkles out before I hung them up to dry. Suddenly the dryer belched this huge noise and shook like it was an earthquake. I went to get my clothes a few minutes later and they were dryer. I swear I cried--it's such a wonderful gift to have the dryer working when I'm packing for a trip. Hope it lasts a few more months and then I can get a new one.

Okay...lots of packing to do.

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