Tuesday, October 04, 2005

10/4 Talked to grandkids

It was fun. Hunter said he was going to take his motorcycle on the airplane, but "it was really dirty, and it was muddy in the front wheel and in the back wheel it was really dirty so maybe I won't go on the airplane 'cause it goes really fast and makes a lot of noise and maybe I'll go again when I'm a big boy. I'll wash my motorcycle then and take it with me but right now I can't because there's mud on it.

"Oh, we're coming on an airplane to see you?

"Okay, I'll wash my motorcycle so I can take it on the airplane. Love you, Grandma, bye." Sounds of him kissing the phone.

Kayla said she's taking one of the dress up dresses with her, so she can play Princess in Quincy. She thinks her cousin Sarah will have fun with that too. (Sarah is 14, Kayla is 5. Both are adorable.)

I can't wait to see Jill and the kids.

But before that I have tons of work to do, so back at it.

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