Saturday, October 15, 2005

10/15 Almost over

The funniest line all night was three-year-old Hunter, "My dad won't buy me toys. He says I steal."

No one knows where that came from. No matter--it's hilarious.

The hay ride was a huge success--other than the fact that my allergies are acting up a bit more this morning. :) We went about seven miles, so it was a lengthy ride. We sang tons of songs, from John Denver to nursery rhymes. There were 31 of us.

Afterward, we consumed tons of food. Beginning with the weiner roast and many many side dishes, and culminating with the s'mores. Way too much food. But the kids really enjoyed the fun (me too). The only crisis was when Kayla fell. She was running hard with her cousins and tripped on something in the dark. Took a header. Several tears later, everything was okay again.

It was hard saying good-bye to everyone. I'd live here if I could--that is if I could find a well-paying, interesting job that provides adventure, and if Quincy suddenly turned into a larger city. :) Ah well, you can't have everything.

This morning we'll have rolls from Underbrink's Bakery and we'll pack up. Guess we'll leave here around 12:30 or so for the drive to St. Louis. I've been tearing up just thinking about leaving my grandkids. We've had such a marvelous time and have gotten even closer. Didn't think that was possible. Other than Hunter's meltdowns, they behaved beautifully.

Great photos, great memories, great laughs. Lots of love.

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